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Add Versatility, Storage and
Safety to your Brush Truck with

HitchLocker quickly mounts to
any truck with a 2" hitch receiver. 
The horizontal and verticle adujustments
allows the deck to match-up
to the floor of any pick-up truck.

The adjustable side struts 
quickly attach to the tailgate
nader pins for added stability along with adjustable bumper feet making this unit rock solid.

Installs in Minutes!!!

HitchLocker comes standard with
a compartment measuring 14" wide,
8" high and 58" long. Great for
storing brooms, shovels, rakes
or preconnected fire hose.

The sub-structure is heavy duty
2" steel tubing and the 40" hand
rails are 2" aluminum tubing to
reduce weight.


SKU: HitchLocker
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